Our Vision

NWS Holdings and National Wine & Spirits will be family-owned businesses dedicated to building long-term asset value in entities and industries where it sees opportunity, for generations to come.

Investments will be focused on entrepreneurial and venture-level companies in the spirit of our Patriarch, Serial Entrepreneur Jim LaCrosse.

NWS Holdings and National will be outstanding employers and valued members of the community.

National’s Proud History of Innovation and Partnership

National Wine & Spirits, Inc. was founded in Indianapolis as National Liquor Company after Prohibition ended when it was issued Indiana Permit #7. The Company was purchased by Jim LaCrosse and two partners in 1973.  By the late 1980s, Jim had led the consolidation of wine and spirits wholesalers in the state from 27 to two, establishing a model that most other states would eventually follow.

National expanded into three additional Midwestern states in the 1990s, bringing excellent customer service and advanced technologies from other industries, such as batch-picking and dual-sortation.  In Michigan, National was instrumental in working with state and industry leaders in the creation of the ADA (Authorized Distribution Agent) system.

As the consolidation of wine and spirits suppliers continued across the country, National joined forces with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) as a strategic joint venture partner in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.  NWS Holdings, LLC was formed as a vehicle for venture and entrepreneurial investments in other industries.

The NWS Team continues to be led by Jim LaCrosse and is writing the next exciting chapter in the Company’s long and successful story.

Corporate Values

Teamwork & Respect

Teamwork is the thread that ties us together at NWS. We respect the dignity of each individual, whether an employee, business partner or member of the general public. We have no greater asset than our people and relationships. We are committed to providing an inclusive, fair, respectful, challenging, diverse, and safe workplace.



We recognize and acknowledge the importance of families and their contribution to our success. As a commitment to our employees’ work satisfaction and productivity, we strive to implement an appropriate level of technology to support operations, flexibility, and communications with our business partners and investees.



We strive for integrity in our relationships and all interactions with our investees, employees and business partners.


Financial Responsibility to Our Stakeholders

Profitable, long-term growth and asset appreciation while adhering to our values is our primary purpose. We must balance our goals of achieving financial success and improving our employee, investee, and business partner positions within their community.



We seek to improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work. We commit company resources, both human and financial, to organizations that benefit our personal and professional communities.



Experienced professionals form the core of the NWS management and directors team. Please click below to view bios.

James E. LaCrosse

Director, Chairman/CEO/CFO

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John J. Baker

Director, COO, Manager

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Dwight Deming

Corporate Vice President, Information Systems

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Patrick A. Trefun

Corporate Controller

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